How to choose between handwash and soap: advantages and disadvantages

Can’t choose between handwash or soap? There is no correct answer, but let’s see together the advantages and disadvantages of each choice.

For example the soap is more suitable for those who travel a lot, because it can be packed in the suitcase without problems of leaks or checks, while handwash is more suitable for very frequented bathrooms and can be stored in designer containers.

Using handwash or a bar of soap gives two different experiences. The handwash is a nice soft, gentle liquid once touched and the bar of soap is a solid, strong touch but both provide the same outcome of cleaning your hands in a hygiene way.

The question asked, is there a real difference in terms of hygiene between the two choices? Focusing on the reduction of germ and bacteria transfer. The soap is thought to be less safe than liquid soap.

In reality there is another factor to consider. The concept of the germs and bacteria can also stay on the outer layer of the dispenser, which is touched with the hands several times by different individuals.

To help make the bar of soap safer, you may rinse the soap thoroughly to remove any existing foam, dirt, germs and bacteria before you use it to wash your hands. Once you have used the soap, you should rinse again, and place on your soap holder removing any excess waste.

Not forgetting the most crucial aspect of drying your hands safely, following from your thorough hygience hand washing task. It is very important to dry your hands with a clean towel, better with a disposable paper towel like Nicky Defend.


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