Plastic is a key material used within our economy and is used on a daily basis. Each year millions of tonnes of plastic litter is disposed and ends up within the sea. This waste is the most visible and damaging to the environment – causing a growing public and national concern. As a result several retailers have published statements to show their commitment and corporate goals to reduce plastic waste.

Sofidel and Nicky continuously focus on improving sustainability and ensuring products are environmentally compatible. Large investments are undertaken to provide shoppers with consistent high quality, innovative and sustainable products at great value. Key principles from the Sustainable Development Goal No. 12 of the United Nations entitled “Responsible Production and Consumption”, are also referenced to maximise performance. Since 2013 Nicky continues to apply the key principles of forest protection, providing FSC certified paper and sponsoring Woodland Trust, a UK forest protection organisation. Nicky has already donated £650,000 and planted over 200,000 trees across the UK.

Today Nicky wants to strongly assert its leadership as an innovative brand and a pioneer for good environmental practices and launch a new packaging made from paper. The choice of this material is the result of a study aimed at finding the best compromise between product quality and environmental sustainability. Paper is a material that comes from renewable sources, not fossil, and therefore inexhaustible if managed responsibly. Unlike plastic, paper after use is largely recycled and if accidentally dropped into the environment it is quickly degraded without leaving any harmful residue in the ecosystems. Its manufacture induces lower emissions of carbon dioxide, compared to plastic.

Key Facts

  • New packaging is made from paper, a renewable and readily biodegradable material, with a lower impact on marine and terrestrial life.
  • The new paper pack against plastic, it is more Eco friendly, and is easily and effectively recycled.
  • Paper is manufactured through a production chain that is less pollutant than plastic and has lower carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Nicky is extremely pleased to present this new innovative packaging to the market, and welcome your support. Together we can help make a difference to the environment.