Our Commitment

Making a difference for families in Ireland

Since 1997 the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation has been providing enormous help to the familes of children in Ireland who are born with or develop brain damage. The foundation gives these families the “Gift of Time,” time to do the things which we so often take for granted like shopping, a night’s sleep, a walk in the park etc. They are able to do this by providing home nursing care to these families who can leave the house safe in the knowledge that their child is being looked after at home. The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation also provides end of life care to all children up to the age of four.

Since 2014 Nicky has been devolving to the foundation, profits from sales of its products in order to donate nursing hours to the Jack & Jill families. In 2014 Nicky has funded 2200 nursing hours for Jack and Jill families across Ireland. This year thanks to your help we want to do even more. Up to 300 families in Ireland rely on the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation today. Help us make a difference for them!